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Parrack Trophy
Parrack Trophy Presented by: Jim Parrack
Class: Member of NAWB with most award cards in Sections 1a, 1b, 2, & Mead, flower and Vegetable classes.
NAWB Master, Master Winemaker, and runner-up are ineligible
Description: Silver cup on base, approximately 12" high

2000 E W Tappenden 2001 Charles Shelton
2002 C Lake 2003 Andrew Bristow
2004 Ray Wightman 2005 Alan Bailey
2006 Alan Bailey 2007 Keith Roberts
2008 Al Procter 2009 Alan Bailey
2010 Peter Robinson 2011 Charles Hill
2012 Ray Hamer & Paul Matthewman 2013 Charles Hill
2014 Peter Robinson 2015 Elaine Robinson
2016 Charles Hill 2017 Peter Robinson

Last updated: 15/03/17