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Light Ale Ushers 60/- Pale Ale Doug's Bitter Dusseldorf Style Alt
County Old Ale Traquair Ale Elk's Special Bitter Alan Bailey's Easy IPA Single Malt Pale Ale Amber Ale

Light Ale
Part of 3-bottle entry 1992 National (1st Place)
Supplied by Peter West NGWBJ

Makes 3.5 gallon

5lbs Pale Malt
6oz Flaked Maize
6oz Flaked Rice
8oz Soft light brown sugar
1/2oz Golding hops
1/2oz W.G.V. hops
1/2oz Bramling Cross hops
Irish Moss
Good beer yeast

Water preparation as for bitter beer. Heat water to 60C, add grist and increase the heat to 65C; mash for 2 hours. Sparge to collect approximately 4 gallons and add the sugar, then boil with most of the hops, leaving a few for addition later. Rest the wort for 40 minutes, run it off the hops and put through cooling pipes, then top up with cold water until the required SG is reached. Add yeast and ferment down to 1004 gravity. Rack into demijohns and add gelatine. Can be bottled in two weeks time.

(First published in Fermentation Issue 9 June 1993)

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Ushers 60/- Pale Ale
Members Recipe 1993 National

Makes 1 gallon

2 1/2 lbs Pale Malt.
3/4oz hops
Add hot water to the ground grain to produce a stiff mash at 66 deg.C (150 deg.F).
Maintain 66 +/- 1 deg.C (150 +/- 2 deg.F) for three hours then raise the temperature to 77 deg.C (170 deg.F) for 30 minutes. Sparge slowly with water at 82-85 deg.C (180-185 deg.F) to obtain the required volume.
Boil with the hops for 1&1/2 hours.
Strain and rinse the hops.
Adjust to require OG by the addition of cold boiled water or dried pale malt extract as needed.
Ferment with a good quality ale yeast.
Dry hop with 1/10z Goldings.
Mature for at least 3 months.
(With acknowledgements to Old British Beers and How to Make Them.)

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Doug's Bitter
Members Recipe 2000 National
Supplied by Doug Hodkinson
Won by Phill Turner

23 Ltrs OG 1.045 FG 1.010/12

4.5 kilos Pale Malt.
150 grams Crystal Malt.
100 grams Torrefied Wheat
50 grams Goldings hops at 6% alpha acid content, added at start of boil.
20 grams Fuggles hops at 5% alpha acid content, added at start of boil.
15 grams Fuggles hops, added for last 5 minutes of boil.
Irish Moss.
Top fermenting Ale Yeast.
Water, boiled to remove temporary hardness and treated with permanent hardening salts, e.g. gypsum, to make suitable for production of Pale Ales.
If using hops of different alpha acid content, adjust quantities to give about 14 AAU at start of boil.

Mash the crushed grain with 12% ltrs of treated water 66/67 deg. C for 1.5 hrs. Sparge with treated water at about 75 deg. C to collect about 25 ltrs of wort. Last runnings should be about 1.008 S.G; don't go below 1.005, and the S.G. of the collected wort about 1.050. Boil with the bittering hops for 1.5 hrs; add the appropriate amount of Irish Moss for the last 30 mins, and the 15 gram portion of Fuggles 5 mins before the end of the boil. Allow the boiled wort to stand for about 20 mins, then strain into the fermenting vessel and cool as quick as possible to 15 - 18 deg.C.
Aerate the wort, check the S.G. and adjust to 1.045 with boiled & cooled water. This should give a final volume of about 23 Ltrs. Add an active yeast starter. Ferment at 15 to 20 deg. C, rack at about the quarter gravity stage (or whenever you think fit), and complete the fermentation under airlock.
Fine and/ or filter, then bottle with the addition of 5.5 grams sugar per litre (0.5 teaspoon per pint).

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Dusseldorf Style Alt
Members Recipe 2001 National
Supplied by Phill Turner
Won by Doug Hodkinson

Makes 25 litres O.G. 1047 FG 1008/10

4kg Pale Malt
4kg Pale Malt
1kg Munich Malt
35 grams Black Malt
Hops 20 HBU/AAU or 50 IBU, e.g Tettnanger, Hallertau, Spalt, or Saaz
15 AAU boiling for 1.5 hours
5 AAU 45 minutes
15 grams Aroma Hops 10 minutes
20 grams hops after the boil
Yeast 1007 German Alt yeast
Using liquor for suitable mash P.H
Mash at 64°C (148F) for 1.5 hours. Sparge in your normal way and boil with the above hop schedule for 1.5 hours. ferment with yeast, at 16C (60F), secondary at 5-10C (40-50F) for 4 weeks then bottle.

This recipe should produce a well attenuated copper coloured ale with a predominately malty bouquet and flavour, a noble hop character and a dry bitter finish.

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County Old Ale
Members Recipe 2002 National
Supplied by Ted Featherstone
Won by Phill Turner

Makes 1 gallon O.G. 1060

2lb Pale Malt
2oz Crystal Malt
2oz Carapils (Caramalt)
0.5oz Roast Barley
1oz Wheat Malt
Hops of own choice to 7 AAU's
Yeast of own choice
Water for mild ale brewing
Mash at 67°C. Boil for 1.5 hours.

Originally created by the County Beermakers for their 1997 anniversary Beer Competition and is as a tribute to them.

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Traquair Ale
Members Recipe 2003 National
Supplied by Doug Hodkinson
Won by Bill Elks

Makes approximately 3 gallons. O.G. nominally 1.072

10lb Pale Malt
1.5oz Roast Barley
2oz Goldings at 5% alpha acid, at start of boil
0.5oz Goldings after 1.5 hours boil
Irish Moss
Water treatment for bitter

1. Mash the crushed grain with 22 pints of treated water for 1.5 hours at 5deg. C (149F).
2. Sparge to collect about 5 gallons, boil for 1.5 hours with initial hops, sample wort, cool sample and check S.G. Add remaining hops and continue to boil, to a cooled wort S.G. of 1.070 - 1.075.
3. Rest, strain and cool wort to 16-18 deg C and pitch with active yeast starter.
4. Rack at about S.G. 1.020, fine when secondary ferment is finished, bottle and mature.

This recipe is an attempt to reproduce a strong ale brewed at Traquair House, in the Scottish borders.

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Members Recipe 2005 National
Supplied by Bill Elks
Won by Alan Bailey

Makes 1 gallon

2lb Pale Malt
4oz Crystal Malt
2oz Flaked Maize
¾oz Challenger Hops – in boil
¼oz Goldings Hops - “late added”

O.G. 1.055 (A.B.V 5.5%)
Mash at 152°F – Mature in bottle for 3 months

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A.B.'S "EASY" I.P.A.
Members Recipe 2007 National
Supplied by Alan Bailey
Won by Maureen Western

Makes 1 gallon

2 lbs Light Spray Malt.
4 oz Crushed Crystal Malt.
2 oz Flake Barley.
1/2 oz Goldings Hops.         (Save small amount for adding during
1/2 oz Northdown Hops.        last 10 minutes of boil)
Pinch of Irish Moss. - Add halfway through boil.
Boil for 1 hour. O.G. 1055. (A.B.V. 5.7% approx)

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Single Malt Pale Ale (2 gallons)
Members Recipe 2012 National
Supplied by Doug Hodkinson
Won by Charles Hill

Ingredients for 2 Gallons

4lbs crushed pale malt
Goldings hops to 7AAU (e.g. 1.4oz @ 5% alpha acid)
Water treatment for bitter beer
Top fermenting ale yeast
Irish moss
Isinglas finings

1. Mash grist with 8 pints of treated water at mash temperature of 65-67º C for about 90 minutes. Sparge with treated water at 75ºC to collect approx 2.5 gallons (last runnings SG 1.006-1.010).
2. Boil hops for 20 minutes, add Irish moss for the last 30 minutes.
3. Rest for 20 minutes then strain and cool to 18-20ºC. Adjust SG to 1.045-1.050, if necessary, with boiled and cooled water. Aerate the wort and pitch with the active yeast starter.
4. Ferment to 15-20ºC; rack when yeast head disappears and keep under airlock until fermentation is complete. Fine with Isinglas and when clear, bottle with ½ teaspoon of sugar per pint.

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Amber Ale (for a cold night)
Members Recipe 2011 National
Supplied by Colin Parton
Won by Chris Jones

Ingredients for 1 Gallon

2.66 lb Pale Malt
0.75 lb Amber Malt (possibly diastatic)
1.45 oz Fuggles hops

Follow normal mashing process, mash 1½ hrs at 65ºC. Sparge, then boil 1½ - 2 hours. Anticipated OG 1072. Mature for 4-5 months.

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