The National Association of Wine and Beer Makers (Amateur)

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  1. Entry Form: Entry form, accompanied by entry fees, should be sent to reach the Entries Secretary by the 25th of February 2017. Incomplete entries will be returned for completion by the exhibitor. Late entries may not be accepted. Late entries cannot guarantee to be accepted
  2. after the closing date, but if accepted, will incur a £2 admin charge.
  3. Delivery: Exhibits shall be delivered to the Exhibition Hall on the Friday of the Show. See Programme for detailed timings.
  4. Staging of Exhibits: All exhibits must be staged by the appointed stewards.
  5. Fortification: All wines must have been made by the exhibitor by the process of fermentation, and fortification by any method is not allowed, except Section 1b, Classes 20-23 where fortification is allowed and Class 24 where the use of alcohol spirit with no fermentation is allowed.
  6. Bottles:
    1. Wine must be exhibited in clear or slightly tinted glass punted wine bottles of approx. 26 fluid ozs. (740ml) capacity of the Sauternes type (Classes 17 & 18 excepted), filled to leave airspace between ¼ and ¾ inch (5 – 20mm). 1 point may be deducted if a screw-cap bottle is used.
    2. Sparkling Wines in Classes 17 & 18 must be exhibited in Champagne type bottles, filled to leave airspace of 1 - 2 inch (25-50mm). These must weigh a minimum of 1.6kg when full. The wine used as a base for the Sparkling Classes must be dry (approx. 0.990sg) and a maximum of 2oz of sugar per gallon added before bottling.
    3. Liqueurs in Classes 24 & 65 must be exhibited in clear colourless glass punted ½ wine bottles of approx. 13fl ozs. (370ml) with airspace of ½ - 1 inch (15 - 25mm).
    4. Beer must be exhibited in non-disposable, brown glass BEER bottles, of 500ml to 575ml capacity, without distinguishing or commercial marks (bottle manufacturer's marks near the base or at the shoulders will be ignored). Bottles must be filled to leave a headspace of approximately ½ - 1 inch (12-25mm). These bottles MUST be sealed with gold-coloured crown-cap metal seals. Barley wine may be exhibited in beer bottles of 275ml to 330ml capacity sealed as above. Plastic re-seals will not be accepted. Non-returnable beer bottles must not be used.
  7. Corks: Wine - White plastic topped cork stoppers only must be used. Plastic stoppers or flush corks must not be used and capsules must not be fitted. Plastic Champagne type stoppers with muselets must be used in Classes 17 & 18.
  8. Labels: Following receipt of the entry form, the necessary labels etc. with instructions will be sent to exhibitors from mid February. Bottles must be labelled in accordance with these instructions. They must not bear any other label or mark of any description. No Highlighting will be accepted under the cover up label.
  9. Entries: MUST BE THE SOLE WORK OF THE EXHIBITOR. Exhibitors may not make more than one entry per class. No single bottle may be shown in more than one class.
  10. Federation & Circle Entries: These entries must be submitted by ONE person on a dedicated entry form.
  11. Show Officials: Judges, if members, may enter the members’ classes. They will be required to withdraw their entry at the end of judging from that class in which they are officiating if awarded a place. Judges may not officiate in a class in which their Federation and/or Circle have an entry.
  12. Eligibility: Exhibitors must be Amateur Wine & Beer makers. It must be stated on the entry form if they are current Annual Members. Only NAWB Individual Members may enter Sections 1a, 1b, 2 and 4. Federations which are currently Annual Members can enter Classes 90 and 91. Circles which are currently Annual Members can enter Classes 88 and 89. Only NAWB members can win NAWB Master Trophies. Only Circles & Federations which are members of NAWB can win Circle & Federation Trophies.
  13. Exhibits in the wrong classes and exhibitors entering classes for which they are ineligible will be disqualified and forfeit their entry fee.
  14. Classes 86 & 87: Only members of NGWBJ who are also current Individual Members of NAWB may enter Classes 86 & 87.
  15. Classes 49-65 and 78-82: Winemakers and Beermakers may enter these classes who are members of either a NAWB affiliated Circle (fee per entry 50p) or are individual members of NAWB (fee per entry 35p).
  16. Kit Wines and Concentrates: Any commercially bought Kit or Concentrate for wine may be entered in this Section. The manufacturer's instructions must be followed.
  17. Class 81: This class can be entered with beers produced by using either a Kit or Malt Extract.
  18. Tasting: No exhibit may be tasted or in any way interfered with whilst on the show bench, by the exhibitor or any other person, unless accompanied by the Convenor of Judges or his nominated representative.
  19. Prizes: Where entries permit, six awards MUST be given in each class; Judges are requested to consult the Convenor of Judges if there is any doubt, before completing Awards Sheets. Recognition may be awarded to finalised bottles.
  20. Collection of Exhibits: All exhibits must remain on show until the official Bottle removal time on the Saturday of the Show. Removal of exhibits from the show bench must be supervised and checked by an appointed steward. Any exhibit not collected shall become the property of the National Executive who may dispose of such exhibits at their discretion.
  21. National Executive Powers: The National Executive reserves the right to cancel, divide or amalgamate any class, and, on request by the Judge(s), to retain a sample from any bottle for further analysis.
  22. Objections: Any exhibitor wishing to protest must do so before 3pm on the Saturday of the Show. The protest to the National Executive must be in writing and handed to the General Secretary or Convenor of Judges, together with a fee of £1.00 which is returnable at the discretion of the National Executive. The appeals committee decision is final.
  23. Care of Exhibits: All reasonable care will be taken but the National Executive cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage however sustained.
  24. Judges’ Handbook: Reference should be made to the current handbook of the National Guild of Wine and Beer Judges for any points not covered in the above rules
  25. .
  26. Points: Points will be awarded as follows:
                  1st – 11, 2nd – 7, 3rd – 5, 4th – 3, VHC – 2, HC – 1.
    To qualify for a trophy in a multiple class, the competitor must gain 12 points or more. Kit, Federation, Judges Sections, & Open classes do not count towards the Major Trophies.
  27. Newcomers Classes, Section 6: Open to members of any Wine & Beer Circle that is affiliated to NAWB, who have not won an award (1st to 3rd) in any NAWB show. Entry to this class is limited to TWO shows.
  28. Presentation: Two points are awarded for presentation and everyone should get these two points by:
    1. Using the correct type of bottle (no screw caps) and cork
    2. Leaving the required airspace below the cork
    3. Label correctly
    4. Cleanliness of the bottle, inside and out
  29. Postage & Packing: Fee is payable on ALL entries & conference bookings.

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