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Tilly Timbrell Trophy
Tilly Timbrell Trophy Presented by: Tilly Timbrell
Returned to Tilly Timbrell in 2011
Class: Cake to supplied recipe
(Class withdrawn from show in 2003)
Description: ?

1973 Mrs B Cross 1974 Miss J Leggett
1975 NO SHOW 1976 Mrs J. E. Bennett
Mrs M. D. Robinson
1977 Mrs J Burgess 1978 Miss L Timbrell
1979 Mr W Gate
Mrs B Cross
1980 Mrs N Mitchell
1981   1982 Mrs N Mitchell
1983 Mrs P Cooper
Mrs J Gate
Mrs N Hill
1984 Mrs N Mitchell
1985 D. G. Barr
P. J. Cooper
F. L. Wright
P Joiner
1986 Mrs F. L. Wright
1987 Mrs J. R. Rawlins 1988 Mrs J. R. Rawlins
1989 Mrs J. R. Rawlins 1990 Mrs A Allonby
1991 Mrs J. R. Rawlins 1992 Mrs J. R. Rawlins
1993 Mrs J. R. Rawlins 1994 Mrs D Benney
1995 Mrs D Benney 1996 B Arnold
1997 K Dodd 1998 Sue Robson
1999 Ms K Cooper 2000 Rose Wyatt
2001 Audrey Atwell 2002 Elaine Robinson

Last updated: 27/07/11