Annual Show 2023

The 63rd Annual Show of the National Association of Wine and Beermakers will take place 14th-16th April 2023 at The Royal Court Hotel, Coventry.

The main event of the show is a wine and beer competition judged by National Guild judges.

On Friday night we will be tasting wines and beers made by the participants – please see this post for more details.

Information about the show:

The show is an opportunity to get your wines and beers tasted by other Homebrewers as well as official guild judges. There are social events including beer and wine tastings, and a dinner on Saturday evening. There will also be the opportunity to drink our own home-brewed beers during the conference in the designated areas.

The Show Schedule is also available in A5 leaflet format.

The Conference Entry Form is also available as an A5 leaflet and in Word format A4, A5.

The Meal Choices Form is also available in Word Format.