National Show 2023 – Friday Night Tasting

As those of you who regularly attend the National will know, we have a tasting of wines and beers made by our members on the Friday night.  We have done this for several years and found that this format results in an enjoyable social evening.

However, we do need some volunteers to provide us with these wines and beers.  I have already twisted the arms of one or two people but it would make my life easier if people just volunteered (OK so I can dream can’t I?).


We are looking for country wines here if possible – can be dry or sweet.  Preferably a mix of colours – I have one white and 2 reds lined up so far.  Maximum of 6 bottles, but 4 or 5 is usually sufficient.


This is usually more complicated given the variety of styles available.  We usually try to have some sort of theme and to get a broad selection of styles.  This year we were thinking about alternative malts.  This could involve full or partial use of a base malt other than the usual pale malt, or possibly an unusual malt as an adjunct.  For example, obvious alternative base malts are Lager/Pilsner or Wheat, but others available include:

  • Vienna
  • Munich
  • Mild
  • Rye (I may have a volunteer for this one)
  • Red X
  • Oat

For beers eight 500 ml bottles is plenty.

So, if anyone can help me out, please drop me an email and let me know what you plan to brew. I will then confirm with you if it does not duplicate something we already have on the menu.  It’s first come first served so don’t delay!

Peter Robinson