The National Association of Wine and Beermakers (NAWB) is the primary amateur organisation in the UK that draws together individuals, clubs, and federations in the UK who are involved in amateur wine and beer making. Our origins are from the thriving wine and beer making communities of the late 1950s and 1960s, through to today.

The primary activity of NAWB, is to stage the world’s premier Annual show for the hobby of home brewing. The National Show is normally held at the end of March or early April and in 2023 it took place in Coventry in April. It is a two-day show with the AGM and Conference held on the same weekend with social events, commercial wine tastings and a Conference dinner. The entries are judged to the National Guild of Wine and Beer Judges standards.

The majority of the competition classes in the show are solely for members of NAWB, but there are classes that are also open to non-members who are members of clubs affiliated to NAWB. Non-members are most welcome to attend the weekend’s events, except for the AGM. If you are interested in the annual show, please see the details on our show page.

We also support homebrewing clubs and federations across the UK, by providing access to our Insurance policies and supplies for events and shows.

Details of all the benefits of membership are on our membership page. Do not delay – join today.