Association of Federations Trophy

Current Class: Federation with the Best Three Bottles of Beer

Original wooden shield attached to larger wooden shield; approximately 11″ high

This trophy was withdrawn in 2023.

1978South West Counties1979Northumbria
1980Yorkshire1981South West Counties
1982North Humberside1983Middlesex
1984North Humberside1985South West Counties
1986Beds & Herts1987Beds & Herts
1988South West Counties1989London (East) 
1990London (East) 1991London (East) 
1992Yorkshire1993Beds & Herts
1994South West Counties1995South West Counties
1996South West Counties1997South West Counties
1998Dorset1999London (East) 
2000Yorkshire2001Central Counties
2002Beds & Herts2003Beds & Herts
2004Beds & Herts2005Essex
2006Beds & Herts2007South West Counties
2008Central Counties2009Central Counties
2010Beds & Herts2011Middlesex Federation
2012Middlesex Federation2013Middlesex Federation
2014Middlesex Federation2015Central Counties
2016Middlesex Federation2017Beds & Herts
2018Middlesex Federation2019Central Counties
2022Beds & Herts Federation2023