Bournemouth Master Winemakers Cup

Presented by: Bournemouth Winemakers Circle

Current Award: Highest points over sections 1a, 2 and 3a, 2nd trophy

Previous Awards: 1960 awarded for the most points in 18 classes in the show

1982 Most points over 16 wine classes

Silver cup on base; approximately 12″ high.

1960E A Roycroft1961Mr & Mrs Cedric R Austin
1962K L Hill1963H G Davie
1964H Baxter1965 
1966Mr & Mrs W G Dunkley
D T Gray
1967F W Foster
1968Mrs R E Dodds1969G Holt
1970D Bowler1971V Goffen
1972K Gunn1973Mrs F Botto
1974Mrs R W Kershaw
D S Clements
1976J Cotter1977K Gunn
1978J Cotter1979K J Barnes
1980K J Barnes1981R Jenkins
1982L Williams1983E W Tappenden
1984E W Tappenden1985E W Tappenden
1986Mrs A Evans1987Gerry Sparrow
1988Dr M P Elliott1989Gerry Sparrow
1990Dr M P Elliott1991Dr M P Elliott
1992Dr M P Elliott1993Dr M P Elliott
1994Dr M P Elliott1995Dr M P Elliott
1996Charles Shelton1997Charles Shelton
1998Charles Shelton1999Charles Shelton
2000Al Procter2001Gerry Sparrow
2002Charles Shelton2003Charles Shelton
2004Keith Roberts2005Charles Shelton
2006Keith Roberts2007Alan Bailey
2008Charles Shelton2009Ray Hamer
2010Charles Shelton2011Alan Bailey
2012Peter Robinson2013Alan Bailey
2014Al Procter2015Peter Robinson
2016Peter Robinson2017Al Procter
2018Peter Robinson2019Peter Robinson
2022Peter Robinson2023Kevin Martin