Chempro Trophy

Current Class: Federation with the best three wines for Dinner

Silver cup on base; approximately 8″ high.

This trophy was withdrawn (2023)

1976Yorkshire1977Wales & West
1978South West Counties1979South West Counties
1980North Humberside1981Middlesex
198423-25 Federation1985N W Kent
1988Beds & Herts1989Dorset
1990Hampshire League1991Hampshire League
1992Yorkshire1993Kent Wine Guild
1994Yorkshire1995South West Counties
1996Yorkshire1997Midland Region
1998Yorkshire1999London (East) 
2000London (East)2001South West Counties
2002Yorkshire2003London (East)
2004Central Counties2005Central Counties
2006Yorkshire Federation2007Central Counties
2008South West Counties2009Lincolnshire Federation
2010South West Counties2011Lincolnshire Federation
2012Central Counties2013Beds & Herts Federation
2014Central Counties2015Central Counties
2016Yorkshire Federation2017Central Counties
2018Beds & Herts Federation2019Beds & Herts Federation
2022Central Counties2023