Eric Malin Trophy

Gordon Instone in 1963

Current Class: Highest points in the 8 table wine classes

Previous Class: Highest points in the 3 table wine classes

Silver punch bowl with ladle, approximately 8″ high.

1966Mrs S Simms1967F W Russell
E C Maynards
F W Forster
1968Mrs A Newton, Mr F Foster
Mr & Mrs E W Russell
Mrs B J Ward, Mr E Maynard, 
1969V Owen
1970R A Ward1971Ken Bilham
1972K Bilham1973K Gunn
G Holt
Mrs & Mrs M Simm
1974D S Clements1975NO SHOW
1976H Barnerson
Dr B Dransfield
T A Sters
1977A Harris
1978J Cotter
Dr Jim Parrack
Richard Brooksbank
1979L Williams
Richard Brooksbank
1980A Derby
T McArthur
1981Not Awarded (10 point rule)
1982L Williams1983Not Awarded (10 point rule)
1984Not Awarded (10 point rule)1985Not awarded, 10 point rule
1986Not Awarded (10 point rule)1987Gerry Sparrow
1988Doug Hodkinson1989Doug Hodkinson
1990Mrs A Evans
Dr M P Elliott
1991Bill Smith
1992Doug Hodkinson1993D J Brooks
1994D J Brooks1995D J Brooks
1996S J Tomkins1997E Clarke
1998D J Brooks1999D J Brooks
2000D J Brooks2001Gerry Sparrow
2002C Lake2003Alan Gough
2004Doreen Barnes2005Dave Summerton
2006Graham Nangreave2007John Wolstencroft
2008Alan Bailey2009Ken Hall
2010Ted Jordan2011Alan Bailey and Alan Hinch
2012Ted Jordan & Peter Robinson2013Alan Bailey
2014Robert Gould2015Robert Gould
2016Elaine Robinson2017Elaine Robinson & Kevin Martin
2018Maureen Heath2019Elaine Robinson
2022Robert Fergus2023