Judith Irwin Trophy

Presented by: Judith Irwin

Current Class: Winner of the Members Wine Recipe Class

Glass ‘ice bucket’ on a wooden base, approximately 8″ high.

1992Mrs E. A. Thomas1993G King
1994Mrs E. W. Findlay1995Jean Shelton
1996Keith Jones1997G King
1998Chris Lake1999Al Procter
2000Jackie Jones2001Peter Robinson
2002Charles Hill2003Charles Hill
2004Audrey Atwell2005Chris Jones
2006Les Hopper2007Charles Shelton
2008Andrew Bristow2009Charles Hill
2010Charles Hill2011Ted Jordan
2012Chris Jones2013Alan Bailey
2014Elaine Robinson2015Kevin Martin
2016Peter Robinson2017Derek McArthur
2018Chris Pinnock2019Kevin Martin
2022Peter Robinson2023Jon Sanderson