Marconi Club Trophy

Presented by: Marconi Wine Guild in 1964

Current Class: Best Fruit Wine, White/Golden (2023)

Previous Classes: Circle with Best 3 wines for Dinner (1983), 1970 awarded for most points in Circle classes (Table dry white, Table dry red, Dessert red), 1964 awarded for Circle Championship single bottle white dry;

Silver cup with lid decorated with a figurine of a winged woman, approximately 18″ high.

1964Marconi Wine Guild1965Tally Ho Winemakers Guild
1966Birmingham & District Wine Circle1967Birmingham & District Wine Circle
1968Faversham Amateur Winemakers1969Twickenham Amateur Winemakers Association
1970West Kent Winemaking Club1971Espom Downs Winemaking Society
1972Wakefield & District Winemakers1973Wellingborough Wine Circle
1974Bexley Heath & District1975NO SHOW
1976Travel & Savour Together (Epsom Region)1977East Grinstead & District Wine Circle
1978Nottingham Winemakers Association1979Twickenham Winemakers Association
1980Nottingham Winemakers Association1981Old Bexley Winemakers
1982Nottingham Winemakers Association1983Nottingham Winemakers Association
1984Phoenix Wine Circle1985Exeter Wine Circle
1986Tynemouth Wine Circle1987Nottingham Winemakers Association
1988Ace of Clubs Wine Circle1989Phoenix Wine Circle
1990Burbage Winemakers1991Bexley Heath & District Wine Circle
1992Mirfield Wine Circle1993Exeter Wine Circle
1994Maldon Wine Circle1995Poole Wine Circle
1996Tynemouth Wine Circle1997Teignmouth & Dawlish Wine Circle
1998Nottingham Winemakers Association1999Tynemouth Wine Circle
2000White Lion Guild2001Old Bexley Winemakers
2002White Lion Guild2003Tynemouth Wine Circle
2004Hull Guild2005Phoenix Wine Circle
2006Peterborough Wine Circle2007Bolton Wine & Beer Circle
2008Phoenix Wine Circle2009Phoenix Wine Circle
2010Lincoln Wine & Beermaking Circle2011Nottingham Winemakers Association
2012Bolton Wine & Beer Circle2013Peterborough Wine & Beer Circle
2014Ware Wine & Beer Circle2015Bolton Wine & Beer Circle
2016Bolton Wine & Beer Circle2017Ware Wine & Beer Circle
2018Colchester Amateur Wine & Beer Making Society2019Ware Wine & Beer Circle
2022Peterborough Wine & Circle2023Andrew Root