Maurice Hughes Memorial Trophy

Presented by: Friends of Maurice Hughes

Current Class: Best Blackberry Wine Sweet (2023)

Previous Class: Best Fruit Wine, Red, Other Fruits, excluding Grape Concentrate (2014), Best Fruit Wine, Red Sweet

Silver cup with lid on base, approximately 16.5″ high.

1986Mrs A Evans1987C Stevens
1988Mrs C Loverseed1989M C Stevens
1990M P Elliott1991Gerry Sparrow
1992S J Elliott1993S Pierson
1994Peggy Tait1995Ray Wightman
1996S Pierson1997C Lake
1998Ray Wightman1999C Tyrie
2000C Lake2001D Early
2002Sue Robson2003Charles Shelton 
2004John Wolstencroft2005Charles Shelton
2006Charles Shelton2007Gavan Dixon
2008Charles Shelton2009Charles Shelton
2010Doreen Barns2011Al Procter
2012Peter Robinson2013Charles Shelton
2014Robert Fergus2015Charles Shelton
2016Dave Pulley2017Andy Warburton
2018Peter Robinson2019Peter Robinson
2022Kevin Martin2023Chris Jones