Parrack Trophy

Presented by: Jim Parrack

Current Award: Member of NAWB with most award cards in Sections 1a, 1b, 2, & Mead, flower and Vegetable classes; NAWB Master, Master Winemaker, and runner-up are ineligible

Silver cup on base; approximately 12″ high.

2000E W Tappenden2001Charles Shelton
2002C Lake2003Andrew Bristow
2004Ray Wightman2005Alan Bailey
2006Alan Bailey2007Keith Roberts
2008Al Procter2009Alan Bailey
2010Peter Robinson2011Charles Hill
2012Ray Hamer & Paul Matthewman2013Charles Hill
2014Peter Robinson2015Elaine Robinson
2016Charles Hill2017Peter Robinson
2018Al Procter2019Kevin Martin
2022Charles Hill2023Elaine Robinson