Pulley Tankard

Presented by: Dave Pulley

Current Class: Winner of the Members Beer Recipe Class

Tankard, approximately 5″ high.

1993G Hunt1994Ray Hamer
1995Phil Hardy1996A Findley
1997Brian Keer1998Phill Turner
1999Doug Hodkinson2000Phill Turner
2001Doug Hodkinson2002Phill Turner
2003Bill Elks2004Rod Carroll
2005Alan Bailey2006Richard Baldwin
2007Maureen Western2008Charles Hill
2009Colin Parton2010Doug Hodkinson
2011Chris Jones2012Charles Hill
2013Colin Tweed2014Charles Shelton
2015Phill Turner2016Peter Lawrence
2017Martin Thompson2018Peter Lawrence
2019Martin Thompson2020Cancelled
2021Cancelled2022Richard Baldwin
2023Richard Baldwin