Sweet ‘n’ Dry Cup

Presented by: Mrs Gallimore (Sweet ‘n’ Dry) in 1970

Current Award: Highest Points in Sections 3 and 5

Previous Awards: 1970 awarded to Associate member gaining most points in show;
1989 awarded to person with most points in open classes,
2009 Highest Points in Sections 3 and 5 and Circle 3 Bottle Class

Silver cup with engraving, on base; approximately 9″ high.

1970A Myers1971Miss J Ratcliffe
1972B Jones1973T J Birks
1974Mrs P D Wilson1975NO SHOW
1976D J Roberts1977C Lockyer-Bratton
1978A J Morgan1979A J Morgan
1980Richard Brooksbank1981T McArthur
K J Barnes
1982K J Barnes1983T McArthur
1984D Gould1985Gerry Sparrow
1986Gerry Sparrow1987Gerry Sparrow
1988E Clarke1989Bert Hill
1990Gerry Sparrow1991C Lake
1992White Lion Wine & Beer Circle1993Tynemouth Wine Circle
1994Tynemouth Wine Circle1995Tynemouth Wine Circle
1996Tynemouth Wine Circle1997Tynemouth Wine Circle
1998White Lion Wine & Beer Circle1999Tynemouth Wine Circle
2000White Lion Wine & Beer Circle2001Old Bexley Wine Circle
2002Tynemouth Wine Circle2003Tynemouth Wine Circle
2004Phoenix Wine Circle2005Phoenix Wine Circle
2006Phoenix Wine Circle2007Phoenix Wine Circle
2008Bolton Wine Circle2009Bolton Wine Circle
2010Bolton Wine Circle2011Bolton Wine Circle
2012East Coker Wine Circle2013Phoenix Wine Circle
2014Eastwood District Wine Circle2015Ware Wine & Beer Circle
2016Greenford Park Wine Circle2017Ware Wine & Beer Circle
2018Ware Wine & Beer Circle2019Ware Wine & Beer Circle
2022Ware Wine & Beer Circle2023Ware Wine & Beer Circle