Sybil Hill Tankard

Presented by: Sybill Hill

Pervious Class: Judge with the best beer

Tankard; approximately 5″ high.

This trophy was withdrawn (2023)

1981Keith Simpson1982Gerry Sparrow
1983Gerry Sparrow1984D Gould
1985Vernon Whitehouse1986Gerry Sparrow
1987Geoff Cooper1988C Beaby
1989Doug Hodkinson1990Phil Hardy
1991Gerry Sparrow1992P Webb
1993P Webb1994Brian Keer
1995Gerry Sparrow1996T McArthur
1997Phil Hardy1998Hywell Edwards
1999Brian Keer2000Doug Hodkinson
2001Charles Hill2002Gerry Sparrow
2003Bill Elks2004Doug Hodkinson
2005Charles Shelton2006Tony Frecklington
2007Doug Hodkinson2008Peter Robinson
2009Karl Grocock2010Dave Gilbert
2011Dave Gilbert2012Charles Hill
2013Dave Gilbert2014Dave Pulley
2015Kevin Martin2016Colin Tweed
2017Colin Tweed2018Alan Eldret
2019Peter Robinson2020Cancelled
2021Cancelled2022Kevin Martin