Old Burton Ale

This recipe was supplied for the 2017 Class 77 Members Recipe by Phill Turner.


Batch Size 23l; OG 1070-75; FG 1017

Mash – 66ºC for 90 minutes

Pale Malt            5500g   83%
Wheat Malt            320g    5%
Light Crystal         370g    5%
Munich                340g    5%
Chocolate             110g  1.5%

Boil – 2 hours

Goldings  5.5-6        70g       start
Goldings               50g       last 30 mins
Goldings               50g       last 10-15 mins


Boil for two hours to achieve the gravity of 1070-75 and to try and get some caramelisation.

The hops should produce approximately 65 IBUs so the beer needs some sweetness for balance so mash at about 66-67C depending on the attenuation of your British ale yeast.

British Ale Yeast fermented between 18-21c. I recommend WLP013 (Wyeast 1028) which is quite extenuative but gives a good complex flavour or Windsor which is less so maybe 65-66. I personally wouldn’t use Nottingham or S04 this can produce a dry beer but as the brewers you should know your brewing process best; it’s the balance of the beer that’s important.

Dry hop just before bottling.