Will I.Am Amber Ale

This recipe was supplied for the 2019 Members Recipe by Martin Thompson. The competition was won by Peter Lawrence


Batch Size 23l; OG 1048; FG 1011; ABV 4.9%; IBU 38

Mash – 66ºC for 60 minutes

Pale Malt               4kg     80%
Amber Malt             500g     10%
Wheat Malt             250g      5%
Crystal Malt           250g      5%

Boil – 60 Minutes

Willamette (6.6%)       45g.  60 mins
Willamette              15g.  30 mins

Irish moss               3g   last 20 mins
Willamette              10g   after boil around 5-10 degrees below


I used Safale US-05 with American and English Amber Ale in mind. Willamette hops were my choice for the same reason. Willamette were developed from the English Fuggles and retain the earthiness but with more peppery and floral notes. Typical American Amber ales however use the now ubiquitous full-on hops which swamp the toasty malt flavours, in my opinion.

Boil 60 mins and allow temp to drop 5 or 10 degrees below boiling before adding last hop. Ferment ideally for 14 days if temperature can be constant at 18-19°C. Carbonate with 4oz sugar.