Chardonnay Style wine

Class 13 Members Recipe 2023 National. Supplied by Kevin Martin.


570mlWhite Grape Concentrate
150gBanana (flesh)
11gTartaric Acid
Oak granules (as required to taste)
Gervin no. 2 yeast, nutrients and pectolase


  • Build up a yeast starter to a volume of six pints in a gallon demijohn by mixing boiled water with white grape concentrate and sugar and leave for 24 hours to allow the fermentation to become active.
  • When most of the sugar has been used mash the other fruits, then treat with Campden tablet and Pectolase overnight.
  • Pulp ferment with the fermenting white grape concentrate for two hours.
  • Strain back into a gallon demi john rinsing the pulp with water to top up the demi john.
  • Ferment to dryness, racking and clarifying by standard procedures.
  • Add oak to taste.

This Chardonnay style should have an alcohol of about 13% and the acidity should be between 0.5% & 0.6%.

Recipe by Chilterns Masters taken from Bill Smith’s book Award Winning Wines.