This recipe was supplied for the 1999 Members Recipe by Phill Turner. The competition was won by Doug Hopkinson.


Batch Size 23l; OG 1056; FG 1012/14

Mash – at 67/68° C

Dark Munich Malt              4kg    
Lager Malt                    1kg
Caramunich                   350g  
Caramalt/Carapils            300g
Chocolate Malt                30g

Boil – 90 minutes

Styrian Goldings (3.4 AAU)  25g   start
Tettnang (3 AAU)            60g  last 60 mins
Tettnang                    20g  last 20 mins 
Irish Moss                       last 15 mins
Tettnang                    20g  turnoff


Yeast 2206 Bavarian or a neutral lager yeast.


  1. Infusion mash at 67/68° C or preferably a stepped infusion/decoction at 50°C and 67/68°C using liquor suitable for dark malts.
  2. Sparge with liquor at 77/80°C.
  3. Boil for 90 minutes using the above hop schedule or with other hops with equivalent AAU’s (e.g.Hallertau).
  4. Cool and aerate the wort.
  5. Add as large an active yeast starter as possible (e.g. 2 litres) and ferment at 9-12° C for a clean flavour.

The image is by Stephen Rees and is used under a Creative Commons license.