NAWB Website

The web site for the Association was launched at the 2002 Annual Show.

At the moment, it contains details about NAWB, including its history, membership details, insurance details, information about the supplies available from NAWB and the current show schedule. A list of Federations and Clubs that belong to NAWB is also included.

I would like to include a list of the clubs that belong to each federation on the web site, together with any links to web sites for clubs and federations where they exist; for this to be set up, I would like to have input from member clubs; any information about this area can be sent directly to me at the e-mail address below. For clubs and federations that do not have web sites, then it is possible to include some information about the club/federation such as calendar of meetings for the coming year, contact name with e-mail address where possible. I would prefer not to include phone numbers unless the contact person expressly wishes to have it included.

For example: The Village Wine and Beer Circle; meets on the 1st Monday of the month at 8pm at the Village Hall, The Village, The County.

  • January Wine Tasting
  • February Quiz Nite
  • March AGM

Contact John Smith for further information

The Newsletter is also included on the web site, although this option is available for members only. Please contact Audrey Atwell or myself for access to this. Members with access to the Internet are now able to print the Newsletter for themselves from the web site, therefore reducing the cost of sending out the Newsletter. If you have an e-mail address, then please send it to Audrey Atwell or myself.

The web site also includes full details of the Annual Show next year; it includes the show schedule for next year, rules and definitions, and entry and conference booking forms. Forms are now available online, but paper versions can still be printed, completed and sent to the Entries Secretary by post if you wish.

A number of Home-Brew shops have web sites and take orders on-line. With their agreement, the NAWB web site is gradually linking to their web sites, therefore making it easier for you to order your wine and beer-making supplies. If you have found any useful and interesting web sites that the NAWB web site could link to, then please send the details to me.

Elaine Robinson